Project progress

14 Oct 2014

So I haven't updated my site in a while now, aside for some technical details. But I have been working on DMP in the meanwhile. I have made such progress that I should update the DMP project page. But I also want to update my project page so it can more easily function as a portfolio. So the idea is to give a concise overview of my current and past projects and link to a more detailed view. But the problem is how can I concisely depict a source code project. Especially when it is a command line tool. So I cannot use an array of pictures, or at least it would look a bit silly.

So thats something I need to figure out first. Then I can update the DMP project page, just to pressure myself to make the projects page. And then I can add some more projects. Even some smaller 1-day of coding projects that were just made for fun. So stay tune if you are reading this.