Long time no blog

11 Mar 2015

So it has been a very long time since my last blog post. I'm very busy with my study and haven't been programming as much as I wanted to. But i have been picking up other stuff to do, which is nice.

I Finally finished building the Gundam I bought from Animecon 2015. Together with a friend of mine we finished the building process of the Gundams. But that's not all. We have detailing work left to do. So this means painting shadows in crevices and putting on lots of stickers and decals.


I have picked up a strict schedule for some of my other activities. I practice my guitar, drawing skills, and CS: GO skills at least 30 minutes a day. To avoid procrastinating the same amount of time. This is working out great. I'm slowly breaking trough the skill ceiling I had hit with these 3 things. I'm actually fully learning several songs from Rocksmith 2014, Having a great idea for a drawing and working out a composition, and actually ranked as a silver III in CS:GO and can hold my own in deathmatch. Unfortunately this takes away some time I could spent developing, but these things are equally fun and take my mind of studying. The projects will still be there when I have some more time.

About the projects. Of course this site has stabilized somewhat, so nothing to talk about there. On the DMP front I have made some progress. I implemented a platform independent configuration file abstraction using Boost property tree. I also made a start with packaging. The windows builds are now shipped using a zip file, this could be changed to use nsis to make a windows installer. This however is not a priority. I'm currently trying to make a .deb, I have one but need to test it. I'm currently without a clean Debian vm. I also made PKGBUILD files for the arch user repository system. I haven't uploaded them yet as they need to be tested. Also I don't have the time to maintain the build as of yet, so I want to wait until I do.